Zoho Writer makes web2.0 Word Processing a breeze…..

…..Not only that — yes we know about google docs and all the other online word processors out there — it also allows you to go offline while editing your documents and sync when you get back online. All this is done through the magic of Google Gears browser plugin (Thanks G). So throw away that old copy of MS Office, uninstall it off your harddrive and start using Zoho Writer. While you’re at it you might also want to send them a “thank you” note for taking another MS shackle off your computer/ankle :-). More details + movie….

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  1. Hey Many,
    I know you like Macs, and I stumbled upon Dream Linux. It’s Linux with a Mac feel (supposedly, there’s no BitTorrent available, so I’m still downloading). You may want to check it out if you haven’t already.

  2. Many : Thanks for taking note of the ‘Zoho Writer supports offline editing now’ news and recommending Zoho to your readers!

  3. Hey Many,
    1. I can’t email you, so I keep having to do this.
    2. I’m having a problem with my Ubuntu Live CD, or maybe something else. Do you know anyone I could ask about this (mayhaps you?)Thanks,

  4. Hi Brainiac,

    I’m not sure I can help, I’ve used the 6.06 live cd (still am) and I’ve had little problems with that…….what is the problem????

  5. I don’t know how to say it but,
    1. I’m working on installing 6.06 on an old laptop, but the desktop is smaller than the screen diameter. I don’t mind, but the windows that I open appear to be tuned to a full sized desktop.
    2. On my main desktop, I’m trying 7.10 off of a Live CD, and I have a similar problem, except instead of a smaller screen, it takes the full size screen and shifts it to the left, so that everything works, and is full sized, but I only see a little more than half of the screen. For example, If I typed NERD and it appeared all the way across the screen, all I can see on 7.10 is the RD. I think it might have been a bad burn, but the fact that I have such a similar problem on 6.06, but it works fine on my main desktop makes me think that it’s some other problem.
    Thanks for your time,

  6. Hi Brainiac,

    About the Notebook it sounds like 6.06 has detected a lower resolution than that the notebook is capable of. I would try 7.10 on it and see if you can go to the preferences menu and change to a higher rez.

    On the desktop…..Hmmmm….never seen that before (what you’re describing)…….I would try and see if you can do some searches on the ubuntu wiki maybe…..

    Hope this helps a bit….


  7. I’ll try, and a friend of mine thinks it’s a resolution problem too. I check in later when I’ve tried everything.

  8. Hey, I fixed it on my main desktop. It thought I had a different monitor, so I had to go find this screens thing and set it, but then it worked fine.. so YAY!
    I think the laptop is just to old and small for Ubuntu (this thing is running Windows 98, and is from back when Windows 98 was a lot of muscle. It also has what I think is the 1st version of the celeron processor), because I can’t even get MepisLite to run on it. Oh well… I’ll keep trying though. Anyway,

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