Google gears app No. 2 is out

In and of itself this might not be big news, but I think it is the trickle that will eventually turn into a flood, so put on your life jackets…..I warned you.

As a follow up on my earlier story on how google will use gears to move in on Microsoft’s domination of the desktop, here is the story of the first non-google app to use gears. Remember the Milk is a popular online todo list that until yesterday needed a network connection to it’s backend to work properly, but that’s not true anymore.

They have paired up with google to provide a seamless online/offline experience for their users. The offline experience will allow you to view your todo lists, add tasks, edit tasks, search your tasks, create Smart Lists, and do the zillion other things you normally do with RTM. Once connected to the net, you switch from offline to online mode, and RTM will sync all the offline data with the online data. My hats off to RTM, fantastic job.

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