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  • Freshclam error "Incorrect argument format for option –checks (-c)" after Leopard update

    Someone must have screwed up something in the freshclam plist as part of the update for Leopard (2009-05). I was getting this error constantly in my system.log which was not only annoying as hell, but also kept clam from downloading new virus definitions. Anyways, here is how you fix it. use sudo and edit the […]

  • Bug Labs Linux based Hardware gets major update….

    Bug Labs announced five new BUGmodules at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. At the Bug Labs Test Kitchen the team showcased several innovative new BUG applications which fully demonstrate the endless possibilities of BUG, the open source modular consumer electronics platform. Each BUGmodule represents a specific gadget function (e.g. a camera, a […]

  • Leopard: More cat fleas…..smelly cat

    Have a look at the picture above…..This is fresh from my Macbook this morning (when it woke up from sleep mode). Notice anything strange…..let me help you, have a look at the Aiport icon in the menu bar and the actual Airport device setting in Network preferences. Yep, Icon in menu bar says Airport is […]

  • Getting Samba to work properly with SuSE’s Firewall…

    Here we are again and I have to sadly say…..yet another OS (which I also love) that does not do what it promises. I know that you can do some major iptables kungfu under linux through command line, but when SuSE/Novell tries to sell you Yast as a graphical admin interface they should atleast check […]

  • Another day….another Leopard headache….

    Okay as much as I like OSX and apple I have to admit, Leopard is not quite ready for consumption. Not unless you’re willing to do a “Erase Install”. After the weekend fun session of “Archive installing” 5 machines, I have found another bug/feature/headache. Here is how it happens: You’ve got Tiger (10.4) setup with […]

  • OSX Leopard installation story

    Like many of you, I picked up Leopard Family pack last night. You see I have 4 mac’s and for $199 the family pack allows me to install leopard on up to 5 machines (in the same household). Anyways I did run into some troubles so I figured I’ll let you guys know about the […]