Lion Tip: Adding your digital signature to PDF files….

If you ever are in need of signing a PDF file, you don’t need to print/sign/scan it anymore, Lion’s new preview app lets you insert/sign those pdf docs in a flash. Here is how you get your signature “scanned”.

  1. Use a Sharpie marker and sign your name on a plain piece of paper. Make sure it’s a plain sheet of paper with nothing written on either side.
  2. Open the Preview App and go to Preferences>Signatures and Press the small + button to add a new signature.
  3. A new window will pop up with your webcam video inside.
  4. Hold up the paper with your signature in front of the camera and make sure there is enough light in the room for the camera to get a clean image
  5. Align the signature — by moving it back and forth — with the blue line and wait for the machine to give you the clean scan of it in the window beside it.
  6. Press Enter to accept the signature when you’re ready.

I had to do this twice, but it’s very easy and quick to do. You can even have multiple pics taken of your signatures (or other peoples sig in your household).

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