ROCKS Cluster: "Unable to run job: denied: host is no submit host"

I ran into this a couple of weeks ago and it’s been driving me bonkers. I finally figured out what’s wrong. I was just trying to get my feet wet using the Sun Grid Engine and figured I follow their instruction page and try out the example shell script and submit it using “qsub” command. I was doing this on the frontend machine that’s been configured properly as a ROCKS cluster frontend. This was not working and the error I kept getting was “Unable to run job: denied: host “name_of_computer” is no submit host. Exiting.”

After googling around for a couple of days I found the answer (atleast the answer in my case). Issuing the following command solved my problem:

qconf -as frontend-name

Apparently the SGE roll does not setup the frontend node as a “submit host” during install. After this (the above command) everything seems to work properly. Now I can do “qstat -f” and “qsub”.

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3 responses to “ROCKS Cluster: "Unable to run job: denied: host is no submit host"”

  1. I met the same problem, and your post is very helpful. Thank you very much.

  2. thanks a lot. it is helpful for me.
    actually, “no submit host” indicate that you have not add your host name to the submit list.
    what I did is :
    qconf -as sge-qmaster
    and everything went well.
    you can add another sge-host to the submit list if you want to submit jobs under the sge-host side.

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