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  • ROCKS Cluster: "Unable to run job: denied: host is no submit host"

    I ran into this a couple of weeks ago and it’s been driving me bonkers. I finally figured out what’s wrong. I was just trying to get my feet wet using the Sun Grid Engine and figured I follow their instruction page and try out the example shell script and submit it using “qsub” command. […]

  • Notes on installing Rocks Cluster Software…..

    – Front-end machine is a Dell 2950 with 2 x 1 GigE Broadcom ports onboard and one myricom 10GigE card.– Broadcom port #2 is disabled in BIOS– Broadcom port #1 is enabled and configured for external network (Internet)– Myricom 10 GigE card is hooked into a Foundry 8x10GigE switch that uplinks into our private Class […]