Augmented Reality on the Road….

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I’ve been a fan of the potential of augmented reality for some time, but the limitation of having to print out and use those funky registration images has always been there. A lot of people are working on solving/helping this problem. One of the groups that has come up with a novel approach is Mobilizy a small team based in Austria.Mobilizy have developed one of the hottest applications available for the new Android G-1 Phone, called Wikitude. You see instead of using registration images for pattern recognition and image substitution, they use the GPS, Digital Compass and camera on the G-1 to deliver one of the first really practical augmented reality applications, excellent for travel and tourism.In what mobilizy has dubbed "CamView" mode, users may hold the phone’s camera against a…
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Photo: San Diego and surrounding/Austin and surrounding Hill Country

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Since I've had the Flu for the past couple of days (yeah great way to end a great trip), I've been at home and had a ton of time to get these pics cooked up . These shots were taken during my recent trip to San Diego, CA -- to attend CSCW2008 -- and Austin, TX -- to attend SC2008.They start off in San Diego with a very cold day trip to Julian, CA. Supposedly the best apple pies are to be had here, but since it was bloody freezing, we skipped all that. Nevertheless a nice little town in the middle of the mountains @ 7000 ft.....what more do you want.We then drove down to Del Mar, CA for a couple of brews and checked out the surf. CSCW reception…
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COGE: Opensource mac VJ software…..

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If you like Quartz Composer and are into VJ/Visual software, CoGe might just be for you. It's got clip triggering, effects, mixing and playback modules. Check out the CoGe forums for more info.....For now here is a "Intro to CoGe 0.85b" and "What's New in 0.93b release" videos:CoGe 0.85b - Quick Start Guide from luma beamerz on Vimeo.CoGe 0.93b - some new features from luma beamerz on Vimeo.Have Fun!!!
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Energize your Apple TV based Media Centre machine with BOXEE….

Apple, Linux, Macintosh, OSX
I was lucky enough to get a alpha Boxee account and I have to say.....It's slick. If you haven't tried it, head over to and sign up for a invite (Mac OS and Linux only for now). If you already have an account you might be interested in this tutorial video that shows you how to install boxee on your Apple TV box. Before you leave please make sure that when you create the patchstick there are no external drives connected.
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SharePod…..The only tool you need to maintain your Ipod

iPod, iPodTouch, Windows
I came across sharepod the other day while looking for a Ipod offload tool for OSX. My Ipod was full with music I wanted to keep, but I was leaving on a long trip so I wanted to have some movies and tv-shows with me aswell. To make a long story short, as much as like to stick to OSX when it comes to daily computing, after using sharepod I'm wishing for a similar app for OSX :-). Sharepod is a free application that runs under windows and lets you do just about anything with your ipod content. Here is a quick feature list:Add & remove music and videos from your iPodAdd, remove and edit playlistsAdd & remove album artCopy music, videos and playlists from your iPod to PCImport music/videos…
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OSX: Time Machine backup to NAS

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Let me first state that this has been tried in my environment and it works. It might NOT work for you. Try it first and make sure your backups are clean and good. I have a OSX server (10.5.5 as of this writing) that needed to be backed up and am using a QNAP TS-409 PRO as my backup location. The QNAS has a AFP/SMB share called "Backup" where I keep all my backups. The server is configured with 2x80GB drives in raid-1 mode (mirror). Here is how I did it (again your milage may vary):1) First we need to find out the MAC address of your server. I'm using one of the two ethernet ports on the server (en0) so I just open up a terminal window and type…
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