Photo: San Diego and surrounding/Austin and surrounding Hill Country


Since I’ve had the Flu for the past couple of days (yeah great way to end a great trip), I’ve been at home and had a ton of time to get these pics cooked up . These shots were taken during my recent trip to San Diego, CA — to attend CSCW2008 — and Austin, TX — to attend SC2008.


They start off in San Diego with a very cold day trip to Julian, CA. Supposedly the best apple pies are to be had here, but since it was bloody freezing, we skipped all that. Nevertheless a nice little town in the middle of the mountains @ 7000 ft…..what more do you want.


We then drove down to Del Mar, CA for a couple of brews and checked out the surf. CSCW reception was the next night. It was held at Sea World (in San Diego), but we only got to see the penguins since it was dark.


After CSCW was over we flew to Austin, TX and started the Super Computing part of the journey. We visited the Texas state capitol. Then spent the rest of the day exploring the famous 6th street stretch.


Next day took us down south towards San Antonio. We first hit Gruene, TX which is this nice little town that’s been preserved. Checked out the Gruene Hall which is legendary in the country music world.


We ended the day by visiting Natural Bridge Caverns near New Braunfels, TX and the nearby Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. We then drove back to Lockhart, TX for a hearty texan BBQ at Kreuz Market. Your belly will love you after a visit to this place…..Yummm.


We drove down to San Antonio the next day and spent the day exploring. Definitely THE place to visit if you’re in Texas. Leave about 3-4 hours for the Alamo, lots of history, hence a lot of reading and presentations.


The rest of the week was spent at super computing 2008. We concluded our trip by visiting Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park near Johnson, TX and Dealey Plaza in Dallas (site of JFK assassination). On the way back from Dallas we stopped by Salt Lick to have the definitive Texan style BBQ.


The Complete Flickr Photo Set as usual can be found here .


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