Eject your Mac’s CD tray from command line……

Yeah I know what you’re thinking…..who the heck would need that. Well since mac’s don’t have a physical CD eject button on the front plate (ie: eject is done by eject key), if you ever need to put a CD/DVD into a machine without keyboard (server machine and/or if you’re using teleport to share a keyboard/mouse) you’re in trouble. It turns out those Apple geniuses knew about this and gave you a way out…..just open up a terminal (or ssh to your server) and type the following command:
drutil eject

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6 responses to “Eject your Mac’s CD tray from command line……”

  1. Thanks, but how would I open the tray when the system fails to boot completely, or hangs on the blue start-up screen?

  2. Hi Deepwater,

    Hold down the Mouse key (Apple single button mouse) or mouse keys (two button PC type mouse) immediately after reboot (before the chime kicks in). That should do it.


  3. Hey Many-

    That did the trick, all is well again in my world, thanks much!


  4. I stuck a blank dvd into the cd drive (don’t ask…). When I typed the command, my terminal froze. Any advice?

  5. Wow! That's awesome. I've been trying to figure this out for a while.

    I don't want to waste an Apple keyboard for my server just to have an eject key!

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