Twitter….the cool way….

To be honest, I’ve had a twitter account for a while, but since I need a browser (or phone) to get access to it and twit, I hadn’t used it. But that’s about to change (maybe), since I found out how you can twit from command line. Yep, twit away from any UNIX, Linux, OSX (and Windows) Command prompt. Here is how:

1) First find the program CURL for your intended platform. It comes built into OSX and most Linux distros and there is a port for windows as well (use google).
2) Setup your twitter account.
3) Use this command when you want to twit:
curl -u yourusername:yourpassword -d status="Your Message Here"
Now one thing to remember is that the username and pass get added to your shell history, so if you’re on a public machine (or friends) you might clear the history file (ie: use history -c in bash to clear the command history).

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