Twitter from Unix/Linux/OSX command line

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Yep, you can. Here is the recipe:1) You need to install "curl" for your OS. OSX comes with it by default which is nice. Most unices out there also have it installed or have it available for download (Ubuntu, Debian users can use "sudo apt-get install curl" to install).2) Edit a text file using your favourite editor and add the following line in there:curl --basic --user "youruserid:yourpassword" --data-ascii "status=`echo $@|tr ' ' '+'`" "" -o /dev/null3) Make sure you replace youruserid and yourpassword with appropriate strings.4) Save the file as something like and make it executable by issuing this command:chmod 700 ./twitter.sh5) Twitter away by using the following command line:./ "Put your twit in here and press Enter"6) Done.Have fun commandline twittering :-).
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Twitter….the cool way….

CLI, Linux, OSX, Twitter, Unix, Windows
To be honest, I've had a twitter account for a while, but since I need a browser (or phone) to get access to it and twit, I hadn't used it. But that's about to change (maybe), since I found out how you can twit from command line. Yep, twit away from any UNIX, Linux, OSX (and Windows) Command prompt. Here is how:1) First find the program CURL for your intended platform. It comes built into OSX and most Linux distros and there is a port for windows as well (use google).2) Setup your twitter account.3) Use this command when you want to twit:curl -u yourusername:yourpassword -d status="Your Message Here" one thing to remember is that the username and pass get added to your shell history, so if you're on…
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If you're a twitter nut -- not that there is anything wrong with that -- or are just plain bored, head over to Twittervision, a real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter. It's all thanks to google's open API (thanks guys/ ROCK!!!). It's kinda cool to have it opened -- specially in 3D mode -- on a large panel. Kinda makes you feel like the "Big Guy Upstairs", listening to peoples "prayers". Also check out flickrvision, which does for flickr what twittervision does for twitter.....I like it better.
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