Flickr here I come….

Flickr, Photography
Okay, so over the last few weeks I've set my CC card on fire and built a small photo studio at home. So from now on you'll find out more about my other hobby on nerdlogger as well, Photography. Maybe I'll register or something once I accumulate enough studio shots. As always my travel photography is hosted separately here as a result of their sheer size. Here is post #1 - A really old (and bloody heavy) IBM typewriter my folks have at home. It's broken, but is kinda cool in a nostalgic way.
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Free Power…..

Art, Research
Okay so it's not totally free. Follow this link to Richard Boxes website where he documents how he powered up 1301 florescent lamps without plugging them in. You see he used the electromagnetic field generated by the powerlines overhead to get the lamps to glow.
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iCinema does 360 Degree cinema……

DCinema, Research, Technology
iCinema has teamed up with Projectiondesign to create the first AVIE (Advanced Visualization and Interaction Environment). AVIE is the first horizontal panoramic streoscopic projection environment. The system uses a cylindrical screen measuring 35 feet in diameter and 13 feet in height. Seven PC's and twleve F1+ projectors complete the system. Infrared camera's allow the audience to interact with the projection environment. More info here.
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Adobe’s Sharp Shooter…..

adobe, Photography
No more blurry shots. That's what Adobe wants you to drool over while they perfect their Light-Field Camera. Standard cameras allow light to travel through a single tunnel/lens and project it onto the film plane/capture device. Light-Field Cameras do the same, except they use 19 lenses to capture the scene and record it onto 19 shots that capture different focus distances. This frees the photographer to -- in their digital darkroom -- develop the picture and focus selectively using a "focus brush", allowing them to bring details from both forground and background into focus. More detail here.
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