And my favourite Beer….

Well generally I like any beer, even the bad ones :-), but Guinness is the nectar of gods (imho). So here is my homage to Guinness and a couple of other cans from my fridge.

2 thoughts on “And my favourite Beer….

  • Bubble

    Yeah staropramen *THUMB UP* :) You should try the original Budwaiser brewed in Czech Republic!

  • Many

    Hi Bubble,

    Wow…..I think you’re the only other person (other than me) that knows about the original bud. I used to live in Salzburg, Austria during the 80’s and that was my favorite beer. But no one believes me when I tell them that budweiser US is not the “real” thing.

    Thanks for the comment…..I had talked to so many non believers that even I was starting to doubt myself :-)……

    The Czech definitely know a thing or two about brews :-).

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