Open Source lovin’ for your Server….

Continuing with our coverage of “Free your Apps”, here is how you can free your Server (and workstation) of those expensive (usually useless) so-called Enterprise Applications. BitNami stacks make it incredibly easy to install your favorite open source server software. Application stacks include an open source application and all the dependencies necessary to run it, such as Apache, MySQL and PHP or Ruby. All you need to do is download the Stack, provide a few pieces of information when prompted by the installation wizard, and that’s it. By the time you click ‘finish’, your new application will be ready to run. All stacks have been packaged using BitRock’s multiplatform installer.

Bitnami Infrastructure stacks are designed for developers and system administrators and provide you a way of installing a LAMP or Ruby environment, but do not include any extra applications. It is not necessary to download an infrastructure stack to use an application stack.

All this ofcourse for free, so again to recap, here is a complete list of what they offer:

So what are you waiting for… up those downloads :-)

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  1. Keep up the great work on the blog! I’m browsing the posts and uploads – it’s quite a site and glad I stopped by.


  2. Enjoy the posts….helping a rookie get his feet wet with terminal. Thanks…

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