Kensington Market Festival of Lights 2007

This year again — like the past 19 — Red Pepper Spectacle Arts put on a great show. I’m talking about the Kensington Market Festival of Lights. If you’re ever in Toronto during the holidays you should check this event out (go earlier and check out Kensington Market area on foot as well). This was my second year attending, so I was well prepared to shoot the celebrations (or so I thought). Check out this link for the gallery of this event. I got to Bellevue Square/Park around 16:45 and ended up standing in one place until about 19:00 when the procession reached the park. And let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how warm it seems outside (I think it was 2 degrees C that night), if you’re standing still for a while, you’ll get cold :-). Anyways, the reason for this madness was that I actually shot the processsion last year and got to the park at the same time as they did and couldn’t get any decent pictures of the finale, so I think you’ll agree that a bit of cold was well worth it. And don’t forget to check out the rest of my photo gallery.

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  1. Thank you for this post! Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. May I post some of them on my blog:
    “STONE PARLIAMENT OF ART” along with your name for full credit?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for comment. Sure, go ahead and grab what you need and please credit it somewhere on the page :-)

    Happy holidays,

  3. Thank you very much..I’ll probably do up a post in the next few days and of course you’ll get credit along with a link.
    Happy holidays to you too.

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