What the hell is wrong with these people…..

Okay I was going to keep this clean up ’til a few minutes ago. You see I Purchased a 3Dconnexion space navigator personal edition a while back. At the time my understanding was that the personal edition can’t be used for in professional arena and since I was only using it to “play” around in google earth, I figured I save myself $60. Well, it looks like logitech (parent company) has rigged the driver with a “reminder” pop-up to bug you every 30 days. God I f***ing hate these companies….When was the last time that a driver for your hardware popped up with a reminder that if you are using the hardware device in a professional arena you owed the company more money.



2 responses to “What the hell is wrong with these people…..”

  1. Keep after them. Add my voice as one who hates pop-up reminders that you havn’t purchased the “platinum” edition of whatever. Add constant e-mail reminders as well. Strange it seems like it is always name brands that probably do not need the extra money.

  2. Hey I agree with the reminders being rather redundent (kind of like the notices not to use blow dryers while in the tub, -DUH!), but I would also not be surprised to find that the company has to add those as the government is on their backsides about getting their share. I bet someone at the company is currently cursing their 4billionth notice from the goverenment saying – if you are not paying us what you owe then you will be fined/and or go to jail. Viscious cycle ain’t it?

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