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  • Solid Colour background in Windows causes 30-second login delay…

    Yep MS strikes again. This time though it’s funny as hell. Turns out a bug in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 causes a whopping 30 seconds delay to your login process if you have a solid colour background set as your desktop wallpaper. Why? Well it’s MS, what did you expect, a working […]

  • GroundWork Community Edition……Avoid like a plague

    Well, I finally got around to installing the Groundwork Community Edition software after battling with it’s installer multiple times. For those of you who don’t know Groundworks is a “polished” interface to several opensource network monitoring/metering projects. Projects including: Nagios® — for event handling and notification SNMP and SNMP–TT — for network management protocol RRDtool […]

  • “It’s not a laptop project. It’s an education project,”

    Yeah, that’s why the OLPC team sold their soul to MS….right? Get ready for OLPC running Windows XO. Because there aren’t enough lemmings out there. This must be Bill G’s wildest dream, an army of illiterate starving kids who’ll program the next version of Winblows for food and water…..brilliant.

  • What the hell is wrong with these people…..

    Okay I was going to keep this clean up ’til a few minutes ago. You see I Purchased a 3Dconnexion space navigator personal edition a while back. At the time my understanding was that the personal edition can’t be used for in professional arena and since I was only using it to “play” around in […]