Okay so Stevie did his keynote…..10 “new” things about Apple’s OSX Leopard. Well more like 3 news things and 7 recycled things….you decide:

  1. New Desktop (New Menu bar, New Dock, Stacks, consistent window look, prominent active window).
  2. New Finder (New sidebar, search other macs and servers, shared computers, back to my mac, cover flow).
  3. Quicklook
  4. 64-bit (64-bit cocoa, one version runs 32 and 64 bit apps side-by-side).
  5. Core Animation.
  6. Boot Camp.
  7. Spaces.
  8. IChat (AAC-LD for audio, tabbed chats, photo booth effects, ichat theater, backdrops).
  9. Timemahine.
  10. Hmm maybe I missed this…..

All this fun can be had for $129. But you have to wait ’til october.

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