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  • Last day in San Francisco…..

    Okay so this was a while back, but I finally finished touching up the pictures I took while in San Francisco (WWDC07). These were shot in around 3rd/4th/5th and Market St., at the Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Garden. Click this link and take a peak. You can also have a look at […]

  • A Visit to the Computer History Museum….

    While in San Francisco during WWDC, I had a chance to drop by the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Let me tell you, it is one of the best museums I’ve been to in a while. Not only is it free, but it will take you back through the entire history of computing and […]

  • Pictures: WWDC bash featuring Ozomatli

    Well it took a little while to get these out the door, but I think you’ll agree, the wait was well worth it. These are 60 of the best (out of a collection of 1228) pictures I took on thursday night (June 14, 2007) during Apple’s WWDC07 bash. I think 5% keepers is a pretty […]

  • Mac OS X Leopard Server features

    In addition to discussing several new features for the consumer edition of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Apple has disclosed some new functionality for Mac OS X 10.5 Server, also scheduled to ship in October. Among them: a wiki server; Podcast Producer; Spotlight (find content stored on other servers); and a new iCal Server, based […]

  • Oh and one last thing….

    iPhone, aka. Apple Inc.’s Achilles Heel. Well, just about everyone was waiting for a SDK for the bloody thing. They wanted to rush to the AT&T store on June 29, buy a iPhone and start developing real software for it. You know, the kind of software that is actually useful. Well Apple’s idea of software […]

  • One more thing….

    Itunes download package for windows just grew in size. You will now be force fed Safari as part of this download. I have absolutely no idea why the hell apple would want to do this….or for that matter, why would I want to run Safari under windows. I thought the Mac guy was supposed to […]

  • Keynote….

    Okay so Stevie did his keynote…..10 “new” things about Apple’s OSX Leopard. Well more like 3 news things and 7 recycled things….you decide: New Desktop (New Menu bar, New Dock, Stacks, consistent window look, prominent active window). New Finder (New sidebar, search other macs and servers, shared computers, back to my mac, cover flow). Quicklook […]

  • WWDC Day1 – Keynote

    Started lineing up at 7:00 am this morning. Front of the line people actually were here at 5:00 am….Now that takes some dedication. NOT ME!!!! Anyways some shots of the massive lines outside/inside and upstairs at the Moscone West. It’s 8:40 am right now and we’re all waiting….good pastaries, lots of coffee and juice…..YUM!!!

  • San Francisco here I come….

    So I’m back at my hotel –after getting my badge, bag, t-shirt and dinner– and am getting ready to go to bed early. Need to be in line for WWDC keynote tomorrow at 6:00 am. Now that is fully 3 hours before the keynote, I better get a seat in the main Ballroom. We’ll see […]