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  • SSH Tunneling to mysql server using Putty

     I’ve had this question a couple of times in the past few months (since I posted the command line version of this method here ). To make it short and sweet, yes you can use Putty in a windows environment to setup ssh tunnels. Here is the specific scenario with pics for setting up a tunnel […]

  • Vista Network Blues…Repeated network disconnect

    A lot of people seem to be running into weird network problems with Vista (MS’s latest abortion). The symptoms might include: – Windows messenger issues (disconnects, slowness)– Large network file copies get interrupted or are slowwwww– Network file transfers that seem to hang for no reason– Network ghosts turning on/off the network subsystem– Routers having […]

  • Stripes be gone…..

    If you like to get rid of the stripes in the list view of the new Leopard Finder, open a Terminal Window and type in the following two commands:defaults write FXListViewStripes -bool FALSEkillall FinderIf you want the fancy stripes back at some point later, type the following two commands in Terminal:defaults write FXListViewStripes […]

  • Turn-off Leopards 3D Dock

    Just noticed that if you place your dock on either side of the screen you get a flat dock, instead of that floating 3d look. As much as I like the 3D look, I liked the flat look even more, so after poking around I found out how to disable the 3D look. Open a […]

  • OSX Webmaster special: Shared webserver, bad umask settings, group permissions and filenames with spaces…

    Okay so this all started with our users not being able to share files on our webserver. We use SSH only for upload/download and interactive access (ie: no ftp). Through trial and error we found out that the default umask (under OSX Server) for sftp uploaded files are 0033 (ie: rwxr–r–) and directories are 0022 […]

  • screen…it’s not just for nerds anymore.

    So after hearing from people at work how great the “screen” command was (yeah welcome to gnuland boys and girls), I decided to do a short tutorial on screen. This way I can stop telling them to RTFM and instead tell them to RTFB (Blog). Anyways, What is “screen” first of all….From the pages of […]

  • Do you Mango?

    From the pages of really useful, well designed websites comes Mango. The webapp (flash 9.0) is simple to use, well layed out and generally works well. It offers 11 Free language courses (Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Pig Latin and Russian). So head over, sign up and learn something […]

  • Track your Car using GPS/GSM gizmo…..

    For all the people who dreamed about being able to track their vehicles by just sending SMS messages to their car, here is an article on Developing a vehicle tracker with the Telit GM862-GPS module. Great article that goes into a lot of detail on how you too can accomplish this.

  • How does the mouse pointer work…

    Yeah, you heard right, I’m gonna show you how the mouse pointer on your computer really works. To do this we have to zoom in a portion of the screen. When you move to the next page, move the mouse to the centre of your screen and have a look. Also try clicking your mouse […]