Category: Supercomputing

  • Nvidia delivers 2 Teraflops in 1U GPU-powered server

    Yep, just leave it to Nvidia to do all the cool stuff…..I wonder how long it will be before a GPU centric OS (Ninux/Nubuntu anyone?) comes out that will squeeze that GPU for all it´s worth. Intel should be worried :-). NVIDIA Corporation and Supermicro today announced the immediate availability of a new class of […]

  • DIY PS3 Cluster Howto…

    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: ATMC Physics Professor Gaurav Khanna and Principal Investigator Chris Poulin have created a great step-by-step guide that shows you how $4000 and a bit of elbow grease can get you a nice supercomputer cluster. They use Fedora Core 8 distribution, due to the prevalence of Fedora and its Cell SDK (3.0) […]

  • Data Analytics and Visualization upgrades for world’s fastest Open Science Supercomputer

    Argonne National Laboratory will soon have the data analytics and visualization capability to complement its distinction as the fastest computer in the world for open science. Argonne awarded GraphStream, Inc. a contract that will help to make data analytics and visualization at this scale possible through the world’s largest installation of NVIDIA Quadro® Plex S4 […]