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  • Disruptive Tech: Canon 5D MKII to shake up the DCinema Scene….

    When Canon announced their new 5D MKII DSLR Camera everyone was wowed by the 21MP sensor and all the other new goodies. What everyone has missed/neglected is the fact that this little beauty has the potential to become the new RED Camera. You see, with it’s 2K video output (1080P) in quicktime RAW format at […]

  • EPIC mistake

    The RED EPIC is bound to get all you beta testers excited. Yeah, another “Beta” Cam that will be developed at the cost of your time. At 40K, hopefully you’ll ask yourself — what is my time worth? — before plunking down the cash. You see right off the bat the EPIC shoots in 5K, […]

  • RED is at it again…..

    Does RED ever stop and think…..for that matter do RED users ever stop and think. I just came back from NAB in Las Vegas and as usual RED Camera had it’s stupid red tent there. I love how these guys make you feel like you’re an outsider, unless you’re allowed in their booth. They’ve got […]