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  • Five minute Augmented Reality via Quartz Composer….

    Great little video on how to setup AR marker recognition under QC. Even has a nice mellow background music :-).

  • COGE: Opensource mac VJ software…..

    If you like Quartz Composer and are into VJ/Visual software, CoGe might just be for you. It’s got clip triggering, effects, mixing and playback modules. Check out the CoGe forums for more info…..For now here is a “Intro to CoGe 0.85b” and “What’s New in 0.93b release” videos: CoGe 0.85b – Quick Start Guide from […]

  • Free Generative Music Composition Software for OSX….

    Monash University team downunder has done it again. Nodal is their Free (for personal use) generative music software for Mac OSX. It’s a good looking application that I will be taking out for a test drive soon. From the website: Nodal uses a novel method for the notation and playing of MIDI based music. This […]

  • More aka.iPhone and Quartz Composer Experiments…..

    So now that I have a basic OSC receiver for aka.iPhone’s XY controller, I’ve been going through Apple’s Demo Compositions¬†— under /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Compositions — and adding my portion of the OSC receiver to them. Here is the latest one, akaRemote-Caterpillar, which is a adaptation of “Caterpillar.qtz” under¬†/Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Compositions/Interactive. Again I need to remind you to […]

  • aka.iPhone and Quartz Composer Experiments…..

    I assume you know what aka.iPhone is and what it does. If you don’t please see this article over at Create Digital Motion. I’ve got aka.iPhone 2.1 installed on my ipod touch and while I enjoyed playing around with the accompanying MAX/MSP patch — via the free runtime — I wanted to see if I […]