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  • VMWare demos mobile virtual machine for N800

    VMware demoed a Nokia N800 featuring its mobile hypervisor at its VMworld Europe conference, showing Windows CE and Google’s Android running at the same time. In a keynote at VMworld Europe, chief technology officer (CTO) Stephen Herrod unveiled the firm’s mobile virutalisation platform, explaining that phones featuring hypervisors – the technology that allows virtualisation – […]

  • Tablet Puppy….

    For all the Nokia N800 fans out there……this is what happens if Nokia was sponsoring your High school :-). Seriously though, this is a fantastic example of what kids (and adults) can do using the opensource N800 platform for robotics control. Now who’s gonna stick one of these things on a gas powered RC car…..Dibs on the […]

  • News, News and more News

    Well today’s been full of good news for developers and users alike. Steve J. announced that the Ipod/Iphone SDK will be released in February 2008 and if that wasn’t enough Nokia announced their next generation Internet Tablet….the N810. It’s basically the N800 on steroids, a slider keyboard plus builtin GPS…..wohoo :-). From the Press Release…. […]