DISPLAX unveils Multitouch ‘Skin’ that Transforms Surfaces into Interactive Screens

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A new large-format multi-touch technology launched today by DISPLAX, a developer of interactive technologies, will transform any non-conductive flat or curved surface into a multitouch screen. The DISPLAX Multitouch Technology, believed to be the first of its kind, has been developed based on a transparent thinner-than-paper polymer film. When applied to glass, plastic or wood, the surface becomes interactive.It can be applied to flat or curved, opaque as well as transparent surfaces up to three metres across the diagonal. It is hyper sensitive, allowing users to interact with an enabled surface not just by touching it but, for the first time, by blowing on it, opening up new possibilities for future applications. Currently, the technology can detect up to 16 fingers on a 50-inch screen. The number of fingers detected…
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Nuit Blanche: Multitorch

Art, image recognition, multitouch, Nuit Blanche, Research
Toronto Nuit Blanche was a blast. For those of you who don't know:Nuit Blanche (literally White Night or All-Nighter in French) is an annual all-night arts festival. Its exact beginning is disputed between Paris, St Petersburg, and Berlin, but, taking elements from all of these, the idea of a night-time festival of the arts has spread around the world since 1997, taking hold from Montreal to Madrid and Lima to Leeds. A Nuit Blanche will typically have museums, private and public art galleries, and other cultural institutions open and free of charge, with the centre of the city itself being turned into a de facto art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances (music, film, dance, performance art), themed social gatherings, and other activities.This year the local Toronto Artist and…
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LaserTouch….Multitouch using a projection TV and Lasers….

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Yep you heard right....freaking lasers.....yummy. These guys have managed to turn a rear-projection TV into a multitouch surface using IR lasers. Absolutely fantastic as it (using lasers) makes the whole design a lot simpler and gets rid of the the tracking problems associated with regular IR LED based tables and ambient IR light. Although the original laser idea comes from arbi.trario.us gang, stuffing everything inside a 16" deep tv is a nice touch :-).Hacked Rear Projection TV into Multitouch from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.Below is a good rundown of the pros and cons of this setup vs. FTIR:ProsExcellent tracking results, even with lots of ambient IR light.Zero-force: Feels very natural to work with.Comparatively easy to build.Comparatively cheap to build.Comparatively fast to build.ConsAlready “sees” the finger slightly before it touches the…
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