Command line Backup/Cloning/Imaging for OSX

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Okay so where do we start......yeah good old cpio and tar might be good enough for the true old timers who still back up to tape, but a lot of people these days backup to live Online/Nearline media such as disks. Here is a quick (and platform specific) reference to four backup commands that you should always carry in your back pocket when backing up OSX machines.Ditto is a command line util that comes with OSX. It's a neat little application since it can preserve permissions, resource forks and extended attributes of OSX files when run as root. There are several ways of running ditto, but if you just want to clone your system using ditto here is the command:sudo ditto -X / /Volumes/BackupRsync is the grand daddy of file syncing/backup…
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Drobo 2.0 is out…..

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Yeeaaaa, wait long enough and the 2.0 version will give you atleast half of the features you're looking for. I always thought that Drobo was a great device but I refused to buy one since it was only USB2.0 device. Well, that was yesterday, today Drobo announced the availability of the same great Drobo features, but now with Firewire800 to boot.....woohoo.For those of you who don't know Drobo is a external drive housing that has the next generation of raid protection built in and can literally take four different drives of any size and present them as a unified storage disk with raid protection. If you want to find out more info please see this page under technology tab. The barebones Drobo will sell for $499, while a 2TB model…
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Backup server that plays nice with everyone….

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Just came across this article over at Lifehacker that outlines how you can build your very own cross platform backup server for FREE.......more information on Restore's own website. These are some of the key features that set RESTORE apart from the competition:Browser Based- Access your RESTORE system remotely from anywhere using the internet. This allows for users and administrators to run backups or check the status of automated backups at any time from any web accessible locationAccess Backups via WebDAV- RESTORE provides the ability to access prior backups via WebDav.Web Host Model Reseller environment- RESTORE DC was developed with the web hosting environment in mind also, shifting customer backups from a cost of doing business and turning it into an income generator.Permissionable at User Level- Give individuals and groups specified…
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