Backup server that plays nice with everyone….

Just came across this article over at Lifehacker that outlines how you can build your very own cross platform backup server for FREE…….more information on Restore’s own website. These are some of the key features that set RESTORE apart from the competition:

  • Browser Based- Access your RESTORE system remotely from anywhere using the internet. This allows for users and administrators to run backups or check the status of automated backups at any time from any web accessible location
  • Access Backups via WebDAV- RESTORE provides the ability to access prior backups via WebDav.
  • Web Host Model Reseller environment- RESTORE DC was developed with the web hosting environment in mind also, shifting customer backups from a cost of doing business and turning it into an income generator.
  • Permissionable at User Level- Give individuals and groups specified permissions on filestores.
  • Security- Set up what you want your users and groups to access.
  • Multiple Revisions- of filestores, which allow you to choose the specific filestore you wish to recover at a certain time.
  • Error Reporting- Receive reports of errors on the system on various levels and at various intervals.
  • Dynamic Scheduling- Allows for simple and complex scheduling that is fully customizable.
  • Backup Many Operating Systems- Linux, OS X, Windows (95, 98, 2000, ME, XP NT) and Novell Netware.
  • Rapid Recovery- Quickly and easily restore files that you need recovered in real time.
  • Incremental- RESTORE will backup only the files that have been modified since the previous backup took place, optimizing disk space and bandwidth usage.
  • SSH/SFTP- Backup Linux/Unix operating systems including OS X.
  • MySQL Database- You can backup your MySQL Database.
  • Servers and Workstations- Backup all server and workstations regardless of operating system.
  • FTP Sites- Allows your company to backup websites and online storage.
  • Notification- RESTORE will email the administrator and users of successful and failed backups.
  • Offsite Backup- (coming soon) Your company can have a separate copy of data kept at an off-site location as a second security resource.

So STOP NOW and backup your system….otherwise you’ll be very sorry, and I will do my standard HhaaaHhaaa when your hard drive takes a nose dive :-).

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