Good old TTY…

atom, CLI, rss
I love tty. I love command line. I love vi. Well if you agree with any one of these statements, you have to check out It is absolutely simple and stunning at the same time. All you need is a telnet connection (you can even do it across serial terminals). Here is how it works:- sign up for a account with a real email address.- wait for confirmation email, click the link inside the email to confirm and create your startty account.- login to website and goto the configuration screen to setup your panels.- setup your 8 panels with different content- bring up a terminal window and telnet to on port 50000 (telnet 50000)Now go and grab the oldest computer you can find, hookup a wise…
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RSS vs. Atom

api, atom, rss, xml
So after searching around the web for a bit, I finally found a nice page describing the differences. I was always under the impression that Atom is a end-to-end publishing API, where as RSS is just XML encoded content for aggregation. It turns out, there is more to it, so read on and get informed.
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