Author: Many Ayromlou

  • HDHomeRun: Automatic Channel Scan from command line

    The CLI version of hdhomerun_config supports running an automatic channel scan. The CLI version of hdhomerun_config can be downloaded from: Usage: hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF scan For example: OTA ATSC:hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF scan /tuner0hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF scan /tuner1 Digital Cable:hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF scan /tuner0hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF scan /tuner1

  • HDHomeRun: To save the RAW TS stream to disk

    To save a 30 second unfiltered clip of a broadcast stream: 1) Use HDHomeRun Config (GUI) to choose the physical channel.Ensure VLC is not running for the next commands… 2) Open a cmd prompt and change into the HDHomeRun program directory:cd “C:\Program Files\Silicondust\HDHomeRun” 3) Set the filter:hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF set /tuner0/filter 0x0000-0x1FFE 4) Save the stream […]

  • HDHomeRun: Linux/OSX command line reference for hdhomerun_config

    You use hdhomerun_config to manually configure HDHomeRun to stream video to a PC running VLC… You will need: VLC – – 1) Discover HDHomeRun Run “hdhomerun_config discover” to find the HDHomeRun units on the local network. If you have more than one HDHomeRun on your network then replace the wildcard FFFFFFFF Device ID […]

  • Create ISO CD/DVD image with Mac OS X Tiger and Command-line

    1. Insert CD/DVD source 2. Fire up a Terminal, you can then determine the device that is you CD/DVD drive using the following command: $ drutil statusVendor Product RevMATSHITA DVD-R UJ-835E GAND Type: DVD-ROM Name: /dev/disk1 Cur Write: 8x DVD Sessions: 1 Max Write: 8x DVD Tracks: 1Overwritable: 00:00:00 blocks: 0 / 0.00MB / 0.00MiBSpace […]

  • Taking Screenshots

    To take a screen shot, hold down the following keyboard shortcuts. * shift + command (the Apple key) + 3 for a shot of the entire screen. * shift + command + 4 for a way of clicking and dragging around the area you want a shot of. * shift + command + 4 then […]

  • Folder Actions…..Whhaaattt?

    So I’ve been wondering about Folder Actions for a while now….they are actually quite neat, if you know what they do. This is a feature of the Finder that very few people use, yet it is so powerful. Folder actions allow you to perform an action to any file that is dropped into the folder. […]

  • Rectangular Selections

    Many Mac OS X applications allow rectangular selections. That is, selecting multiple lines of text, without having to select up to the end of each line. This can be useful if you have created a text formatted table, and want to select an entire column, or if you want to modify the same thing on […]

  • Only on a Mac

    So all you Mac freaks….here is something to show your PC friends. Set your system screen saver to something cool (RSS Visualizer) and run the Terminal. At the command line type the following command (make sure your Desktop’s background is not covered with windows): /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background Neat or what? You can stop it using Ctrl-C.

  • Facebook Opens Pages to Outside Developers

    “Facebook is now allowing third-party developers to create pages within the site. Developers can use a combination of the Facebook API and a subset of HTML to create interactive pages accessible from within Facebook. Users retain complete control over which applications they want to have installed, and which applications they want to see on other […]

  • Flock Rules…..

    This is my first post using a new Browser named Flock. Flock is a OSX native browser based on firefox code, but with lots of neat ideas integrated inside. One thing I really like is the blogging feature right in the browser, Browse, Find, Highlight, Blog…..It’s real easy. Try it for yourself