Taking Screenshots

To take a screen shot, hold down the following keyboard shortcuts.

* shift + command (the Apple key) + 3 for a shot of the entire screen.
* shift + command + 4 for a way of clicking and dragging around the area you want a shot of.
* shift + command + 4 then press space to be able to click on a window or other interface element (menubar, dock, icons etc.) to take a screen shot of that.

Easy enough. Each of these saves a file to your desktop named “Picture 1.jpg” (or a higher number if the file already exists).

If you want to take a screenshot using the Terminal (Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities) here is how. Just type the commands in (except the quotes).

* “screencapture ~/Desktop/screen.jpg” Takes a full screen shot and save it to screen.jpg on your Desktop.
* “screencapture -iW ~/Desktop/screen.jpg” Same thing as #3 above, just click a window to take a screenshot. If you push space it will go into mouse selection mode (same thing as #2 above).

Grab (Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities) can also be used to take screenshots. It provides an easy user interface, as well as a way of doing timed screen shots and changing the mouse pointer style (option located in the preferences).

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