Lions new Finder Tricks….

Now that I’m getting settled in the latest OSX, I thought I share with you a couple of finder gems that might not be obvious right from the get go:

1) You now have the ability to select multiple files in a folder and right click on them to choose “New Folder with X Selections”. This will create a new folder and move the selected files into that folder. Kinda neat and makes the process of moving large number of files a bit simpler.

2) You can now “move” files and folders from one place to another. First “copy” the file/folder in question by selecting it and using the command-c shortcut. Then find the place you want to move them to and instead of using the usual command-v (which copies the files/folders) use command-option-v instead. Yeaaaaa, we can finally be just like our windows cousins :-).

3) To remove something from the finder sidebar, hold the command key as you drag it out.

4) In the Finder’s “Go” menu hold the option key to reveal a “Go to Library” menu item.

Although not strictly a new finder gem, Window resizing now supports standard modifier keys, so holding Shift while resizing a window constrains it to its existing aspect ratio, while holding Option resizes the window from its center point.

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