Hauppauge Broadway: OTA ATSC streaming for iOS devices….

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Yep, just like the title says, hauppauge has announced the Broadway, a new "set-top" aimed at iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The hardware streams live OTA HDTV to an Apple handheld after first compressing the video using H.264. The resulting media can be delivered locally over Wi-Fi, or to a remote place using any Internet connection. Over-The-Air ATSC signals can be captured using a built-in ATSC tuner, while cable is supported through clear QAM. Pricing is a bit steep at $199 and the box is scheduled for February release.
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Optimizing Snow Leopard for SSD drives….

Apple, Macintosh, OSX, osx Server
I just installed a new 128GB SSD drive in my older C2D 17" macbook Pro and let me tell you....WOW....This thing is on fire. The system is extremely responsive and apps literally jump onto the screen. The machine now boots up to full desktop in roughly 17 seconds. Now that's nice. I did do a bunch of changes to the way Snow Leopard is setup to optimize a couple of things that are normally tuned for HDD's. Turn off Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS): If you are replacing your primary (and only) HDD internal drive with a SSD, you can get a bit of a performance boost by turning off the Sudden Motion Sensor technology that comes with your laptop. Remember your SSD doesn’t use read/write head on rigid platters so…
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Get your cable free gaming GPU here….

graphics, nvidia
Galaxy sub-brand KFA2 has just announced their new KFA2 GTX460 WHDI nvidia based wireless graphics card. The KFA2 GTX 460 WHDI uses a wireless link (WHDI) to send the display output from your PC to your screen. You just need to attach the bundled receiver to the back of your monitor/screen and you’re done. The card’s name comes from Amimon’s wireless technology – WHDI stands for Wireless Home Digital Interface. WHDI 1.0 provides a high-quality, uncompressed wireless link which supports data rates of up to 3Gbit/s (allowing 1080p) in a 40 MHz channel, and data rates of up to 1.5Gbit/s (allowing 1080i and 720p) in a single 20 MHz channel of the 5 GHz unlicensed band, conforming to FCC regulations and worldwide 5 GHz spectrum regulations. Range is beyond 100…
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