DISPLAX unveils Multitouch ‘Skin’ that Transforms Surfaces into Interactive Screens

A new large-format multi-touch technology launched today by DISPLAX, a developer of interactive technologies, will transform any non-conductive flat or curved surface into a multitouch screen. The DISPLAX Multitouch Technology, believed to be the first of its kind, has been developed based on a transparent thinner-than-paper polymer film. When applied to glass, plastic or wood, the surface becomes interactive.

It can be applied to flat or curved, opaque as well as transparent surfaces up to three metres across the diagonal. It is hyper sensitive, allowing users to interact with an enabled surface not just by touching it but, for the first time, by blowing on it, opening up new possibilities for future applications. Currently, the technology can detect up to 16 fingers on a 50-inch screen. The number of fingers detected is expected to increase as development progresses.

Based on patent-pending projected capacitive technology, DISPLAX Multitouch Technology uses a controller that works by processing multiple input signals it receives from a grid of nanowires embedded in the film attached to the enabled surface. Each time a finger is placed on the screen or a user blows on the surface, a small electrical disturbance is caused. The micro-processor controller analyses this data and decodes the location of each input on that grid to track the finger and air-flow movements. The DISPLAX Multitouch technology controller combined with a projected capacitive nanowired film is a lightweight and highly scalable solution, ranging from seven inches (18 centimetres) to three metres across the diagonal thus opening up a wide range of commercial applications suitable for indoor or outdoor displays.

The DISPLAX Multitouch Technology will begin shipping in July 2010. The prices will be very competitive and depend on size.


  • Multi-touch detection: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology detects 16 fingers simultaneously on a 50-inch screen (to increase as technology development progresses).
  • Air-movement detection: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology detects when someone blows on the surface, measuring the intensity and direction of the air flow.
  • Large and small: As small as 18 cm and as large as three meters across the diagonal and thinner than paper.
  • Transparent: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology is completely transparent and allows the user to see through any transparent surface it is adhered to.
  • Light-weight: A 50-inch screen weighs about 300 grams, making it easily transportable and easy to install.
  • Versatile: Can be applied to any non-conductive flat or curved surface including glass, plastic and wood less than 15 mm thick. It works in daylight or at night, indoors or outdoors, and is not affected by light conditions.
  • Durable: When using rear projection, the film is applied to the reverse of the surface, protecting it from scratches or other damage, with no need for contact with the material.
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