Ubuntu Software Centre "No Install Button" problem…..

I recently upgraded netbook using the distribution upgrade and didn’t like the results, so I reinstalled Ubuntu Notebook Remix 9.10 Karmic Koala. Well, I’m sorry but I don’t think this Koala was ready for release. First there was the issue of where the heck are all the beloved Ubuntu tools. Gone is the Add/Remove software progy (you have to install manually), now we have Ubuntu Software Centre. Gone is being able to check off multiple packages for batch install, USC installs apps one at a time (which takes two mouse clicks per app).

To top it off — atleast in UNR 9.10 — there is no install button once you click on the arrow beside the packages. No, it’s not a problem with root/admin, I tried running it as root and same thing, NO INSTALL BUTTON on the install screen. Anyways it turns out once you get past the gargantuan Windows XP like update (125 updates) using the following two commands, the Ubuntu Software Centre magically comes back to life and gives you the “oh so important” install button. Come on Ubuntu…..I thought you were friendly. This Koala Bites HARD!!! :-). So the magic commands are….yeah you guessed it:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

BTW. If at some point the upgrade asks to replace /etc/defaults/grub say “yes” and go with the newer version. It does not harm the system.

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