Russian Lenses Rule :-)

Flickr, Photography
It's late fall here in Toronto and I thought I give my M42 Russian lens, Helios 40-2, one more test. This time going for colour and as much swirly bokeh as this thing can produce.....The colour reproduction of this lens is muted. It needs a bit of a kick, but once you kick it up a notch and add some contrast, it rocks. Check out the swirly bokeh in the out of focus leaves. Full flickr set is here.
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Fix Ctrl-Alt-Backspace problem with Ubuntu 9.10+

CLI, Linux, Ubuntu, Unix
Downloaded and installed 9.10 yesterday and what do you know, someone decided to take away Ctrl-Alt-Backspace -- or what I call "Three Finger Salute for Linux". Whhhaaattt!!!!How the heck are you supposed to kill and restart X without that.....A coworker suggested Alt-PrintScreen-K, but that just restarts GDM, not really useful when X decides to go south. Damit!!The reason given on Ubuntu wiki is that "This is due to the fact that DontZap is no longer an option in the X server and has become an option in XKB instead."Well, fear not, whoever disabled it also created a easy way to reenable it again. Here is what you do:In Gnome (Ubuntu):* Get to the System->Preferences->Keyboard menu.* Select the "Layouts" tab and click on the "Layout Options" button.* Then select "Key sequence…
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TPMG Fall Colour drive….

Flickr, Photography, TPMG
This is slightly old, but it's still officially here are a bunch of fall colour shots from a recent Toronto Photographers Meetup Group trip to Hockley Valley, Cannings Falls, Hogg's Falls, Eugenia Falls and Old Baldy Lookout Point. Complete flickr set can be viewed here..... More fall colours to come.....stay tuned...
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Solaris 10 Configuration Notes: How the hell does this thing work again….

cinegrid, solaris, sun, Tutorial, Unix
It's been a while since I've had the pleasure (read: pain) of working with Sloowaris, but now that we have two 48TB Sun X4540 Thumpers in house, I have to.....Uggghhhh :-). Here are some notes:Remember sudo -i does not work. Use "su -" to get the root environment through ssh (login as regular user).The machine has 6 Controllers with 8 Disks each for a total of 48 disks.To find out all the disks that are available on your system and their Labels.....root # formatSearching for disks...doneAVAILABLE DISK SELECTIONS:To see the status of the zpool runroot # zpool statuspool: pool1state: ONLINEstatus: The pool is formatted using an older on-disk format. The pool canstill be used, but some features are unavailable.action: Upgrade the pool using 'zpool upgrade'. Once this is done, thepool…
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Ninite: Number 1 application you need in Windows…..

free, Microsoft, Opensource, Windows
There are a lot of fantastic free software packages out there for the PC if you're running windows. VLC, Firefox come to mind. The problem is that it takes a long time to install all of them on your PC. You know the routine, click, wait for download, double click, next, next, next, etc......Well, why? Head over to Ninite's website, choose the applications you want and let them create a custom "Meta Installer" for all the applications in one package. Run the installer and wham, you got all those free/opensource apps downloaded and installed on your machine in one shot, with minimal clickage :-). No sign-up required, Free for personal use, Just in time for Windows 7 Upgrade (or potentially downgrade). Now if only someone would make something like this…
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FastPictureViewer RAW Codec Pack….FREE

free, Photography, Windows
If you're using any one of Windows XP, Vista or 7 Platforms in 32 or 64 bit mode, you might be interested in the FastPictureViewer RAW picture codec pack from Axel Rietschin Software Developments. They are FREE for personal and educations use and give you fast access to preview RAW images taken by just about any digital camera capable of shooting RAW in Explorer. It even supports the slideshow function in Photo Gallery and Photo Viewer. The fact that it supports 32 and 64 versions of Windows is a bonus since most camera manufacturers -- atleast up to now -- have been very slow in supporting 64-bit windows. Here is a list of supported RAW Formats:Adobe Digital Negative (.dng)Canon Raw Image (.cr2, .crw)Fuji Raw Image (.raf)Hasselblad Raw Image (.3pr, .fff)Kodak…
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Windows 7….Bad for your Health

Funny, Microsoft, Windows
....Atleast if you're in Japan. Take a look at this freaking patties stacked up in between two time to celebrate Windows 7 launch. You'll pay (roughly) $17.10 for the pleasure of clogging your arteries with this 5.1 inch tall monster. Once you're done -- if you're still alive -- you'll finally understand how your computer feels after a windows installation :-).
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