Filmport studios, Cars/Bike Shoot and TPMG Prime Lens walk

Well, I guess I need to catch up with the picture postings since I haven’t updated anything here for a while….I’ve got a couple of new flickr sets posted. The first one is from a shoot I did at the Filmport studios in Toronto….


This place is absolutely huge….


You can see the rest of the set here…..
Next was the Toronto Strobist Groups shoot in a warehouse complete with Classic cars, Motorcycles and Models….Lots of fun all day event…

_MG_2777 - Version 2

The rest of the set is here. And last but not least is the TPMG Ad-Hoc Prime Lens walk through King Street to Spadina, upto Dundas and back to Yonge. I went a bit crazy with my new Jupiter-9 Lens and did some crazy bokeh shots.


Again the rest of the set is here…That’s all for now.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! Amazing photos. Scrolling down thinking one was a favorite another one would appear!

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