Single command Ubuntu LAMP stack installation on Desktop Edition…..

This used to be a pain in the butt. Lots of manual apt-get lines and config edits to get it to work. Weŕe talking about installing the LAMP stack onto a preexisting Ubuntu Desktop Edition installation. I used to do this backwards in the old days by installing the Server edition first (with LAMP) and then getting the graphical desktop goodies installed on top of that. That method still works, but I found out that LAMP stack install on a Desktop edition is a simple one command affair. As of the 7.04 release, the Ubuntu base system includes Tasksel. You can install LAMP using tasksel.
sudo tasksel install lamp-server

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  1. Great find! Yes this does work with tasksel… and to think I was going to do this manually… you just saved me hours of frustration. Thanks!

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