Enabling Google Calendar in Apple’s iCal under OSX 10.5+

Yep, It works I just transfered all my calendar appointments from local iCal calendar to Google calendar in one easy step. First you need to go into iCal and export your current calendar. If you’re starting fresh with google calendar you don’t need to do this.

To set up CalDAV support for Google Calendar in Apple’s iCal, follow these steps:

  1. Open Apple iCal, go to Preferences and then the Accounts tab.
  2. Click on the + button to add an account.
  3. Under Account Information, enter your Google Account username and password (make sure username does NOT have @gmail.com added).
  4. Under Server Options, add the following URL:https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/YOUREMAIL@DOMAIN.COM/user (replace ‘youremail’ with your Google Account username and domain.com is usually gmail.com unless you’ve got google apps setup.
  5. Click Add.

Under the Delegation tab, select the calendars you’d like to add to iCal by checking the boxes next to them. You may need to hit refresh to get the latest list of calendars.

Add your email address to your Address Book card by selecting Add Email. You’ll be prompted to add your email address only if your address is not already in your Address Book. You won’t be able to invite or email guests to Google Calendar events within iCal if your address is not in your Address Book.
Your Google Calendar will now appear in iCal’s list of calendars, and changes you make to your Google Calendar in iCal will be reflected when you sign in to Google Calendar.

If you had previously exported existing iCal events from your local (or other remote) machine, you can now select Import from File menu and choose the file and tell iCal to import it into your google calendar (your google calendar will appear as your full registered name in the import destination list).

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