RightZoom: Maximize window button for OSX that actually maximizes

One of the first things you hear a new mac/osx user complain about is the odd way the green “zoom” button works on the upper left hand of windows on Macs. The button behaves differently depending on the app – Finder and Safari sizes to best fit, iTunes’ zoom button switches between the mini player and the normal window, Mail goes full screen. Often times, the behavior differs from one app to another and many Mac users find this behavior inconsistent, unpredictable and disorienting to use.

RightZoom provides a quick and easy solution for the zoom button’s inconsistent behavior. It enables you to make the zoom button maximize the window to full screen when you click the green orb.

By default, RightZoom makes a number of apps blow full screen when hitting the green orb. You can add or remove specific apps if you wish on this white list. But upon a fresh install, here is the list of apps that work with RightZoom :

  • Finder
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote

You can also blacklist applications you don’t want to change this behavior for (like iTunes). RightZoom is free and distributed by BlazingTools Software .

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