Accessgrid Retreat 2008 pictures from Vancouver…..


I know these are a little old (the event happened back in June), but I’ve been so busy and today being the last day of my vacation, I thought I’d finally finish them and post them. The full set is on flickr for those of you interested.

_MG_5147 (1)_ (2)_ (3)_ (4)_

2 responses to “Accessgrid Retreat 2008 pictures from Vancouver…..”

  1. Wonderful pictures Many- I particularly like the last one, looks like a pathway to infinity.

  2. Hi Francesca,

    Thanks, yeah if I remember correctly that was one smelly picture in reality……hehehehe…….all the smoke out of the ships stacks were being blown over the back where I was standing……YUCK.

    I think it was worth it though :-)

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