Google strikes again…..Introductory CalDAV support

Yeeeeeaaaa, It’s X-mas all over again. Google takes another step to free you from your MS/Exchange/.me addiction. No more need to get a “Cloud” account to sync up your calendars, No more jumping through hoops with sync connector programs that don’t work. Google has added CalDAV support to Google Calendar…….Read all about it here.

One response to “Google strikes again…..Introductory CalDAV support”

  1. That IS pretty exciting!

    Readers should also take note of the known issues that Google has posted:

    I am sure some of those will get fixed in the near future. I am excited to try it and compare with the opensource caldav server that Apple has been developing. Apple’s server is far from complete and is not enterprise savvy – but that is perhaps another story?

    – Eric Rabinowitz

    Ps. Thanks for your articles, I always appreciate them. I keep an RSS feed to your blog for the latest stuff.

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