TPMG visits Toronto Aerospace Museum (B&W)

_MG_2063 - Version 2This happened a while back — almost two weeks ago — and I’ve kinda been sitting on the idea of doing them in Black and White. Well, I finally decided and finished them today. I’m also trying something new with the border and “fancy dancy” copyright text. Enjoy :-)

_MG_2074 - Version 2BTW. If the full size model of the AVRO Arrow that they built is true to scale, that thing must have been HUGE….Absolutely massive for it’s time.

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  1. Oh yes you sure are getting fancy over here! These are real nice shots. Great subject matter for the monochromatic scheme too. I’m not sure if I’d like these pictures in anything other than B&W with all the chrome/stainless in them. They look amazing!

    Since you’re having this B & W obsession, lol :) , I invite you to come see the B & W daffodil pics on my page.

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