More Black and White….

_MG_2465 - Version 2This is what happens when I really like something (B&W) and get to have a uninterrupted 5 day holiday (been slacking-off since thursday….hehehe). These shots were taken during the TPMG’s (Toronto Photographers Meetup Group) recent meetup at the Distillery District. Originally in colour, I have to admit that the B&W treatment is more appropriate IMHO. Anyways, comment away……Do you like it B&W (ie: period like)? or Colour (ie: Touristy)? The complete set is here.

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2 responses to “More Black and White….”

  1. Oh oh, you got the B&W BUG!
    Real nice Many! I’d say period like with an awesome “timeless” capture. Far from touristy in my opinion.

  2. Hi Francesca,

    Yep, kinda lovin’ this B&W thing….hehehe. Even more now, since my tool (Aperture) just got a dodge/burn plugin. I don’t have to export things to Photoshop anymore (which was a pain).

    I actually like your phrase for it….timeless. Yeah, that’s the quality of B&W….it makes it timeless :-)

    Thanks for all the comments, I know I haven’t posted anything new for a week, but I’m working on another (smaller) B&W series, and I have two more shoots next week (might use B&W). Should be an interesting week :-)

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