Steve…..Get a life.

Gotta love Steve Ballmer, he’s so clueless, he doesn’t even realize it. This is the same guy who for the longest time slammed Linux and Web technologies, promoted his companies sub par OS as the latest greatest and told us that Web-based apps and the whole web2.0 thing was just a fad. I got 5 words for him…..Dude you missed the boat…..AGAIN.

Here is his latest rant……”Web Developers, Web Developers, Web Developers…”. This is pretty sad.

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  1. Many,

    I think you need to watch the whole keynote webcast. I have no love for Balmer after what I read in the press about his stance on Linux and I think he’s worse than Gates for appearing to be behind the eight ball, however he was prodded to do that by a person questioning him in the audience.

    Balmer joked quite a bit about his public persona during his appearance. If you want to jump on min about anything it’s his lame answer to “What’s the story on Vista?” He first avoided it and then later tried to address it with an authoritative answer. Quite frankly his answer was quite lame (especially around drivers) given Microsoft had claimed in its lead up that Microsoft had tested it more than any other product in history.

    Guy Kawasaki should have followed up Balmer’s comments by asking if he had tried Ubuntu lately… (for drivers). The full video is at×63xc. Maybe you can put it on in the background while your shooting over the weekend. Balmer even makes Monkeyboy references.


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