Black or White?

Here are two new shots I’ve been working on. I personally like the light-field version (white background). Although the black does have a certain sexyness to it…..what do you think?
Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker White


2 responses to “Black or White?”

  1. Same bottle, two completely different looks for sure. I prefer the black, a NY kind of look while the light-field version looks a little medicinal to me.
    Depends on the market you’d be targeting as well. The dark presenting a more festive “party” attitude.
    Both great shots Many.

  2. Hi Francesca,

    You know I was kinda curious and did a google images search — just to see what kinda johnnie images where out there — well I have to say, I think you nailed it. The white is usually used on websites trying to sell the product (ie: you have made up your mind to buy it….just looking for a clean/nice place to buy it from). The Black is usually used in Ads, trying to lure you in to the Johnnie camp.

    I do like the NY thing….party atmosphere kinda thing…New Years eve at Time Square? woohooo

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