Right Mouse and Delete Buttons under XP on Inter Mac’s

This one has been bugging me for so long that once I figured it out today I had to let other know as well. If you’ve been using Windows on your mac using bootcamp you’d know how frustrating it is not to have the right mouse button — you can remedy this with a mouse of course — and no DEL key. This makes deleting files/directories a pain in the ‘nads, let alone trying to right click with the single button on the pad.

I think I’ve found the solution. It’s a windows utility called AutoHotKey and it’s free. Grab it, reboot into WinXP (or whatever Windows) natively and continue on with the tutorial below:

1) Okay so assuming you’re in windows and have AutoHotKey downloaded, go ahead and install the application.
2) Once it’s finished, go to your menu and run the program. It will ask for your permission to create a default script under “My Documents”. Say Yes and let it do this.
3) Go to your “My Documents” folder and find the file AutoHotkey.ahk and edit it.
4) Comment out everything they have put in there using the semicolon “;” at the beginning of those lines.
5) Add the following three lines to the bottom of the script:
6) Save the file in “My Documents”, go to your icon tray (bottom right), right click and reload the script. Now you should have a proper DEL (small Enter Key) and a proper right mouse click button (the Apple Keys).

You can tweak the script and reload it if you like. The script in the My Documents directory is the default script that gets loaded (you can have others saved in different folders). So now you can add AutoHotKey to your startup folder so it’s started everytime you boot into windows.

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