Jott rocks!!!

Now I haven’t tried it myself (yet), so maybe the title should read “Jott (should) rock, if it works as advertised!!!”, but that just wasn’t cool. You all know that you can send email to certain blogging services and services like twitter (you can also txt twitter) with new content and/or comments. But can you type as fast as you talk? I bet not:

Jott capitalizes on that efficiency and allows you to quickly blog, Tweet or get a “Zestimate™” from wherever you are. You have more time to get on with whatever you were doing in the first place.

With Jott Links, users can now call Jott and leave voice-to-text messages on the following services:

* WordPress (both .com and on local installs)
* Twitter
* Jaiku
* TypePad
* Zillow
* LiveJournal
* Blogger
* 30 Boxes
* Yahoo Groups

It’s simple, Call 1-866-JOTT-123, say the name of your link (ie: “Twitter”), after the beep, say your message and hang up. Very cool.

You can also Jott yourself, in which case you will receive a Email reminder with text version of your voice message. You can also Jott messages to other peoples email or to a group of people (ie: next time you’re late for a meeting, just phone jott, speak your message and send it to the group…done).

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  1. Aw dude! You haven’t tried Jott yet? I’m hoping by now you have. It’s free! Don’t wait too long…because I know Jott will charge in the future. But hell…I’d pay for the product! It’s worth it! I’ve been a jotter for quite some time and I’ve seen the product just GROW even before the release of the new features! People making up their own neat ideas of a “jott” and the “beta” version of jott blogging. It’s just too good to pass up!

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