Install OSX on a external disk without rebooting

Normally if you wanted to install OSX on a external drive, you’d probably reboot, insert the DVD and boot off the DVD. Well turns out you really don’t have to do that. You can actually attach a external drive to your machine while it’s running OSX, insert the DVD and install OSX to the attached external device. Here is how:

  • Assuming your machine is running some sort of OSX, insert the OSX install DVD into the drive.
  • Now attach the external device to your machine (ie: firewire drive).
  • Now using finder navigate to “/System/Installation/Packages/” Folder and run “OS Install.pkg” (it might be “OS Install.mpkg”) by double clicking it.
  • Go through the installation process and choose the external drive as your installation destination.
  • DONE….

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  1. Actually it is the OSInstall.mpkg. The .pkg does nothing and weighs 8 ko. The other one is bigger, letting me think that it contains meta-info about the packages to install.

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