Format Wars…

There is a great article over on talking about Format Wars. So you want to know what would have happened if BeOS didn’t cost $400 million….Well maybe “it would make BeOS the operating system of choice for Apple Macs. It would also prevent Steve Jobs from returning to that company. In turn, this would put an end to all that silly iPod business and make MiniDisc the dominant force in portable music.”

Gotta love what if’s :-)

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  1. N.E.R.D.,

    I’m fascinated with how foreign your site is to my intelligence! So much so that I have mentioned you in my second blog ever. I’m just beginning on blogspot, and as the ingenue, am probably intruding into territory where I am unwelcome with comments that are brutally ignorant. But just wanted to say congratulations for being placed on board as a blog of note.

  2. About now you are probably wishing your blog wasn’t a “blog of note” on Blogspot, but I am glad to get acquainted. You are, unfortunately, way more technically minded than I am, but I am sending your blog url to my nephew in NYC who writes for engadget, and my husband who programs flight simulators. Congrats on the honor, by the way!

  3. I just wanted to say good job that your blog is on the noticable blogs list.

    Check me out,

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