Quick Tip for OSX Bloggers

If you use the built-in Dictionary facilities of your Mac while creating content, you probably know about Ctrl-Command-D. You can use this key combo to look up a word in the built-in dictionary. Well, turns out that after you look up the initial word, you can keep holding Ctrl-Command (ie: let go of D key) and as long as you move the mouse around, your mac will look up the active word (under cursor) in it’s dictionary. Neat!!!


23 responses to “Quick Tip for OSX Bloggers”

  1. I didn’t know this…thank you!

    By the way, I just found you on “Blogs of Note”. I’m going to throw this site a bookmark because it sounds like you may have some really interesting content, and if I like what I see after awhile I’ll add you to my blogroll. =)

  2. Nice, But i thought all of the peeps here on blogger, actually knew how to spell, thanks for informing me the IQ of theese bloggers!

  3. Awesome possum.
    I found this on Blogs of Note as well :)

  4. @ anonymous:
    OS X is the Vista-equivalent operating system for Macs. The current version, 10.4, is called Tiger, and the next version out in October is Leopard.

    @ a.m.:
    …speak for yourself?

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  6. Wow, thanks for the tip . . . .I could actually use that often.

  7. This is SO over my head, it is not even funny. :(

  8. Wait… control-command-D doesn’t work when I hit the keys.

    What… am I doing wrong? Or is it just… What the hell is going on? :P

  9. English Man,

    You’re probably trying it in a unsupported app. Maybe Camino?

    Try it in Apple Mail or Safari or something like that. It works (Assuming you have OSX 10.3+…..right?)


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